Day 10

Twin Falls, ID - Nampa, ID

Posted by Chrysee on June 25, 2015

We have been in Idaho forever! I had no idea it was just a desert, but it is full of beige nothing and sagebrush. It is only green by the river and in potato fields. Idaho is also using hella irrigation on its crops and every public space. It's the first state we've been in where I've seen sprinklers in parks and lawns and they run the entire day. It takes a lot of effort to turn this environment into something it's not.

We started the day at Thousand Springs, a roadside pullout where you can see various tiny waterfalls in the cliff face across the highway. The bulk of the day was invested around Three Island Crossing. This is a section of the Snake River that has kinda a bulge in it and three tiny islands. Depending on the water level, pioneers may have seen all three islands or just one. It was a really dangerous crossing evidently. There was a state park (with the typical lil educational video and exhibits), but it was near the riverside so obviously at ground level so it was difficult to really see much. We later went to an overlook on the other side of the river  that was a couple hundred feet higher, so we had a much better view of the river. You had to take some pretty washboard-y roads on the way and it wasn't really marked well, so I bet not a lot of people bother to do it. 

Later in the day we drove up to Bonneville Point, where you could see the Boise Valley. It actually looked green down there and there were some trees, which I feel like we hadn't seen in forever. We were in Idaho for four nights and it felt like forever. I can't imagine crossing Idaho for weeks and weeks and seeing this kind of landscape; it's not very encouraging. 

Our last stop of the day was the Oregon Trail Historic Reserve in Boise. This is just a small residental park in a fancy newer subdivision that has some walking paths but had been pretty much left alone. So instead of artificially green lawns with foreign grasses, it has been left with native plants and sagebrush and surrounds an original segment of the trail. It was also full of honeybees!

We checked in to a trusty old Super 8 and got dinner at a Chinese buffet. Then we did nothing all night because we just felt like it, so that's why this entry is late.