Day 2

Waterville, KS - Hastings, NE

Posted by Chrysee on June 16, 2015

From the Weaver Hotel this morning we traveled to Alcove Spring, a popular stop along the Oregon Trail. Many of the roads we used today were dirt and gravel. So far my little Prius has not died or hemorrhaged vital fluids onto the road. On these tiny roads we managed to see a deer, a male peacock, and a group of five or six wild turkeys.

We visited the Hollenberg Station, a nice little historical park with an original Pony Express building on site. At some point during the day we crossed into Nebraska. Since we’re not traveling on major highways at this point, there’s no big sign to announce you’ve gone into another state. Nebraska seems to differ from Kansas in that it is flatter and has about a thousand windmills all in one field. 

Around noon we visited Rock Creek Station, which was a popular rest stop along the trail. It also originally had a toll bridge to ameliorate the crossing of the creek. The landscape had some pretty deep swales from the traffic of all the wagons. Also, Wild Bill Hickok shot a guy here. 

The rest of the day was pretty much stopping at various interpretive markers along a section of the trail that was involved in the 1864 Uprising, such as The Narrows (featured in Oregon Trail II). We also crossed the Little Blue River about eighty times. 

We finished early enough to get to Hastings, NE, check into our dive motel, and get dinner at a pub/grill that evidently thought “microbrewery” was synonymous with “we have some beer on tap”. 

Tomorrow: more Nebraska and Ft. Kearny