Day 7

Lander, WY - Montpelier, ID

Posted by Chrysee on June 22, 2015

Today we made it out of Wyoming. Wyoming is very pretty at times and very high up and also full of just nothing. It is so full of nothing that long stretches of (normal, maintained, paved) highway just pass through pasture with signs warning of loose livestock. 

We headed to South Pass, which Corey says is very important. It’s basically how everyone was able to make it to the other side of the Rocky Mountains. There is some original stretch of trail there that’s listed in the guide as “optional backcountry route”. It’s on a two-track and recommends high clearance vehicles. I have a Prius C. We drove down it a bit before we decided we didn’t really want anything other than some tall grass scraping on soft underbelly of the car. We walked the rest of the way. It was only about a mile each way but what-the-actual-heck there were so many mosquitos. I don’t know what they normally eat (we hadn’t seen any livestock in a while), but it is totally gross to look down and see like twenty or so mosquitos latched into your leg (through pants!). So we got to the place and looked at the thing and then got the heck out of there. 

The rest of the day was mostly driving across the rest of the state of Wyoming and some pull out stops, like a site of a Pony Express station, a place where some Mormons did something, a ferry site on the Green River, and Big Hill. Big Hill is a big hill (yep), that was supposedly the steepest encountered on the trail so far (ever? note to self: check with Corey later). You can still see wagon wheel ruts in the hillside. 

We crossed over into Idaho at some point, so no more Wyoming but hello four nights in Idaho. Hurray. We’re at a pretty nice Super 8 and this is not the smallest town we’d been in, but literally nothing is open because it’s a Sunday. It’s so weird!