Day 8 (updated)

Montpelier, ID - Pocatello, ID

Posted by Chrysee on June 23, 2015

Sorry! The hotel tonight is super neat and we found an actually good sushi place, so an entry will have to come later.

[06/23 update below]

Sorry this post is late! We even completed our stops for the day early too, but we were actually in a city for once and needed to take advantage of it. 

We started at the National Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, which we could pretty much see from our hotel. They had an interactive “tour” of the trail that walked you through prepping for the journey, buying supplies, taking a hydraulic wagon ride, and walking through camps. It was all staged indoors and all the staff, even those in the gift shop, wore period garb. It was cheesy and kind of fun. 

Then we hit up so many springs. A sulphur spring, which is self explanatory. Hooper Spring was next; it was naturally carbonated. Pyramid Spring has a “captive” geyser that erupts every hour. Lava Hot Springs is now a touristy resort. 

We were done with our official trail stops by 1:30pm, which was nice. We got to Pocatello, ID and were able to stop by a microbrewery and local coffee shop before checking in to our hotel. For dinner, we had sushi that was almost comparable to what we’d get in Cbus. It was like doing all our normal stuff back home. 

Our hotel was just amazing and hilarious. It was an old apartment building converted into a hotel with themed rooms (like “Arabians Nights”, “Wild West”, etc.). Ours was the Mayan Rainforest room and it looked like the set from Legends of the Hidden Temple. It had a jetted tub in a treehouse, a 10ft waterfall and a koi pond all in the room. Every wall and door surface was painted. It was absolutely ridiculous. Pocatello was pretty neat.